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Nurse Coaching

As a nurse coach I partner with you to help you accomplish your present and future health & wellness goals. Remember; health is the total sum of you, it’s all interconnected!! We work together to strategize an individualized plan for you to be the BEST version of yourself, keeping in mind that you are the Expert of You and I will support, encourage and empower you to SEE that in YOURSELF!!!

Nurse coaches work with the whole person using principles and modalities that integrate body-mind-emotion-spirit-environment to promote health, wellness, and wellbeing while they facilitate their client’s growth and healing. Nurse coaches are supportive and encouraging, building on the client’s strengths rather than attempting to correct weaknesses. Nurse coaches provide guidance and resources to the client who is the expert on their own needs and choices. (credit: American Holistic Nurses Association)

What You Can Expect


A registered nurse that has taken additional education to be trained in coaching is equipped to help you look at the "whole person" It's all interconnected; body-mind-emotion-spirit-environment.


A nurse coach is not a counselor, there are no diagnoses and no care plans to follow; will provide resources as needed.


A nurse coach is a partner with you to help you push through your present and accomplish your future goals, utilizing strategic coaching techniques, creativity, and my overall 20-plus years of healthcare experience to help you achieve your goals.


I am a transformative health and wellness nurse coach meaning I am focused on your Holistic Wellness. My mission is to meet you where you are and with your permission and commitment help you accomplish what you could not accomplish on your own, we all need "that person" to walk this journey of life with us and that is what I do as a Nurse Coach focusing on your overall health and wellness.


My purpose as a nurse coach is to help myself and others have Quality of life, not just quantity of life, so we can THRIVE and LIVE WELL!! Living to our fullest potential while navigating the many pathways that life takes us on.


 Nurse coaching is the bridge that will help you connect all the dots to improved well being, one session at a time. Don't wait, inquire today!!

"You can't keep giving from a place of EMPTY, YOU have to take care of you so YOU can give from a place of FULL"

“When I met LaKeisha, she was like a breath of fresh air. Her personality is bubbly, and she is so nice to talk to. She didn’t waste any time and offered to start off our mindfulness practice. She has a wonderful, spirited personality and was able to conduct very meaningful breathing and mindfulness sessions. Our time together went by very quickly. We enjoyed each other’s company, and her attitude was always so optimistic. I always felt very good after our sessions together. LaKeisha will be an excellent Nurse Coach and will be a good accountability partner for her clients. Her warm and friendly charm would make anyone feel supported."

Gigi Butler

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